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Nice encounters in Doubs

Looking for something new, somewhere genuine and friendly, away from the mass travel sites but close to nature and real people? Then welcome in Doubs, a land with strong personality where you will experience nice encounters with devoted, hearty accommodation and tourism professionals, but not only.

Prestigious sites such as the Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans and Vauban’s Citadel in Besançon –both part of UNESCO world heritage-, museums (regional houses open-air museum, Peugeot museum, Gustave Courbet Museum…), other unique parks and sites (Dino-Zoo, Polar Park, Castle of Joux) and many breath-taking natural sites like the Saut du Doubs waterfall, beautiful springs and lakes, mountains and valleys...

You will also encounter our great natural open spaces -in winter or summer -, experience unusual and exclusive activities taste our culinary specialties full of flavor, discover the rich and eventful History of this side of France, in the heart of the Jura Mountains, along the Swiss border. Welcome and have great encounters!

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  • Le Doubs Séjour

    Vous êtes amateur de culture, amoureux de la nature, fasciné par le patrimoine bâti ou encore

    passionné d'histoire ? Vous venez en famille, en couple, entre amis…

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Top 5 of the good reasons to come in Doubs

Top 5 of the good reasons to come in Doubs

Number 1:
preserved, varied nature From the depths of Poudrey abyss to the top of Mont D’Or (one of the most famous summits of the Jura mountains), nature is everywhere and always changing: gorges, valleys, hills, rivers, lakes, forests, cliffs…

Number 2:
Two UNESCO sites among an exceptional heritage Both Vauban’s military and Ledoux’s utopist architectures are enlisted to UNESCO world heritage, as two among numerous marks of a tumultuous and rich history.

Number 3:
appealing gastronomy Two towns (Morteau and Montbéliard) give their name to sausages. A very special cheese is named after a mountain (Mont d’Or). And “fruiterers” don’t give fruits, but cheeses! How tasty is that?

Number 4:
Events and feasts and happenings Art, literature, sports, cinema, gastronomy and many other things are celebrated all year long, sometimes in much unexpected places!

Number 5:
Swiss border! One of the last European border… and the incomparable flavor of our dear neighbors’ chocolates!

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